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KT88-1016 EEG Drivers for BioEra

April 8, 2012

KT88-1016 is a 16 channel EEG device produced by Contec Medical Systems in China and is currently one of the most affordable (per channel) EEG machine.


On the plus side it has 16 channels allowing for (almost) full 10-20 EEG/qEEG recording, multi-channel neurofeedback training, or brain machine interface research. It comes ready to use with contacts, electrodes and rubber mesh cap. On the minus side it lacks 3 center channels (Fz Cz Pz) to do a standard EEG/qEEG recording, sample rate is 100 sps which is lower relative to industry standard, rubber mesh cap is hard to use and from what i read the software is outdated. However despite the shortcomings this device became popular among the eeg and bmi enthusiasts due to the good price relative to the number of channels you get.

The main challenge to overcome in using this device is to get your favorite eeg/bmi/neurofeedback software to talk to it. Thanks to the efforts of Alexandra Elbakyan and others the serial protocol used by device was cracked and several programs that read data from KT88 have been posted on yahoo’s contect88 board. Alexandra also posted an OpenViBE driver however stopped any further development since.

Taking these efforts one step further i wrote a driver for popular BioEra software which can be downloaded from here as well as from contect88 board files section. I have included source code which you are free to use and modify.