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My try at knife making

August 13, 2011

One winter evening, I had a discussion with my dad dealing with hunting and woodworking knives and the steels that make them. As a result of that discussion, I realized that my knowledge of metallurgy doesn’t go beyond “smelt iron with carbon and you get steel”. I decided to look into understanding different steels and what makes one better than other, which lead to steel composition, which led to heat treatment process, which led to a variety of topics, such as; blacksmithing, knife grinding, heat furnaces, oxidation protection, Japanese blades, sanding/grinding machines, edge geometry, sharpening, etching, and so on. While this was a fascinating intellectual trip, it also made me want to get my hands dirty and actually make something.

I decided to start small and make a couple of pairing knives using stock removal method:

#1 Front

#1 Back