Hello all,

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3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. fred Says:

    Your “Dead HVAC fan repair” post may have just saved me $350.00!
    Service guy came up my basement stairs with the motor controller in his hand this morning, telling me he’d just ordered a new one for $400.00. But what’s really happening is that I’m getting a couple of $1.77 570-1041-ND’s overnight from Digi-Key, thanks to your post. BTW, if you Google D340316P13, your post is the ONLY thing that comes up. Thanks so much for posting.

  2. Bryan Says:

    After getting a $3300 quote from a local HVAC repair company to replace my GE/Trane MOT05432 motor and D34031P13 (?) module for my American Standard Freedom 80vs, I went searching for alternatives online. I came across your post on the SG348 thermistor. After opening the module I quickly discovered that my SG348 thermistor had burned and physically separated from the leads. After obtaining a new SG348 (now SG100) thermistor and installing it, I’m back up and running. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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